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Trainer "Tundra" (vegetation removal) for World of Tanks "Tundra" (vegetation removal) for World of Tanks


If a lot of players know about the existence of the "Tundra" modification, then not all players, even those who use cheats in our game, know about the presence of a trainer for World of Tanks, which sets up "Tundra". It is to some extent a more advanced version of the "Tundra" mod.

After installing this modification, the player will have access to several modes of operation, very comfortable to use and switch. They are called full, trunk and aim. Depending on the selected operating mode, the trainer will either remove all vegetation (bushes, trees and foliage) and thereby reduce the load on the video card by increasing the fps level, or leave only tree trunks from the vegetation so that some landmarks remain on the map, or in in the most advanced mode - disable vegetation only in sniper mode for better aiming and display it in third person mode. At the same time, these modes are switched using hot keys right in the battle, having previously assigned them in the trainer settings.

And undoubtedly, this modification gives an indisputable advantage over the enemy with proper preliminary adjustment, and therefore is included in the list of prohibited ones and using it the player risks getting an account ban, temporary or permanent.


Trainer "Tundra" (vegetation removal) for World of Tanks

Trainer "Tundra" (vegetation removal) for World of TanksTrainer "Tundra" (vegetation removal) for World of Tanks

Trainer "Tundra" (vegetation removal) for World of TanksTrainer "Tundra" (vegetation removal) for World of Tanks

Mod officially banned by Wargaming.


  1. Run the trainer;
  2. Start the game;
  3. Press the necessary buttons to disable vegetation.

Archive password: 11111.

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