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AutoAim by Sae for World of Tanks by Sae for World of Tanks


Players of any multiplayer games hate to see cheaters among their opponents, and probably one of the most stressful and ultimatum cheating mods is "auto-aim", which allows you to break the competitive moment, which is basic for any shooters - an element of accurate and quick aiming, in which the player's skill level is actually manifested ... In World of Tanks, it is not enough just to aim at the enemy, but it is also necessary to penetrate the tank's armor, finding the most vulnerable point, and for this the player is required not only to react and accuracy, but also to have certain knowledge about the armor of tanks and an understanding of their design.

The use of the cheating modification "AutoAim by Sae" for World of Tanks with proper settings practically guarantees the player accurate and effective shots. The Sae Auto Aim is just a standard of dishonest play, because it not only aims your tank's sight at the enemy tank, but also allows you to lock on the target behind an obstacle, calculate the lead and calculate the trajectory of the tank, given the distance to it. The player himself only needs to choose which zone of the tank to aim at, the sight itself will guide the enemy, even if he left behind an obstacle or disappeared from the light altogether.


AutoAim by Sae for World of TanksAutoAim by Sae for World of Tanks

Mod officially banned by Wargaming.


Copy the mods folder to the World of Tanks folder.

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