Crew icons for World of Tanks

Crew icons are not so important a modification of graphics in the World of Tanks client that does not affect your effectiveness and the outcome of the battle, but also deserving its admirers and still supported by the creators of the modifications. The purpose of making these modifications to the game is solely to obtain aesthetic pleasure from staying in the hangar. For the choice of players, modelers provide a wide choice of sets of portraits of crews of various nations - from historical photographs or drawing portraits of crews in historically correct uniforms to completely frivolous portraits. Among such assemblies you can find almost anything - heroes of famous and well-loved movies, TV shows and even cartoons, anime and other games. Of course, it does not do without icons “for adults” in this area of ​​mods. Just as it was possible to forget about the female carriages created by connoisseurs of beauty.

All of the above sets of icons and even more can be seen and selected in this section if you want to refresh the look of the hangar. Installing them also does not make much effort, since it will only require unpacking the archive into the desired client folder, after leaving the game.

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