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Stylish sight "Techno" for World of Tanks sight "Techno" for World of Tanks


The stylish sight "Techno" for World of Tanks presented to your attention has a rather unusual design, thanks to which it earned popularity among a certain audience of World of Tanks players. Although it is fairly simple and minimalist, it includes all the key points necessary for a good sight. His colors were carefully chosen by the creator for the most comfortable game, pleasant to the eye.

Such a minimalistic and stylish sight is perfect as a base sight for modification by additional information circles or information panels, armor calculators and indicators. Or a similar sight will be relevant for those who want to test their level of skills without prompts about the given armor and play in a less modified interface, but more attractive than the stock sight of the World of Tanks client. In any case, this sight is worth trying in a couple of fights to draw conclusions based on your taste.

Also, due to numerous requests from players using this scope, several variations of its settings were added: with the display of the nickname of the target and the type of equipment during hover, the display only of the type of equipment and completely without any tooltips.


Stylish sight "Techno" for World of TanksStylish sight "Techno" for World of Tanks

Stylish sight "Techno" for World of TanksStylish sight "Techno" for World of Tanks

Stylish sight "Techno" for World of TanksАртиллерийский прицел «Техно» для World of Tanks


  1. Install fonts;
  2. Copy the mods folder to the World of Tanks folder.
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