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Cool sights "Achilles" for World of Tanks sights "Achilles" for World of Tanks


Cool sights "Achilles" for World of Tanks (sniper + arcade) from the rest is distinguished by a combination of simplicity and beauty at the same time. In addition, it still boasts a fairly high information content due to the interface, which is emphasized to be precise and not overloaded with bright colors.

Sniper scope

Sniper mode has the highest information content, and therefore we consider it first.

Achilles sniper scope for World of Tanks

Zoom or multiplicity of approximation - this digital indicator shows how close the target is in the sight of your optics. There are several indicators, but most often they range from the 1st maximum value - 8, up to the 2nd maximum - 32, the minimum value can not usually be less than 2.

Vertical and horizontal segments of the cross-hair - these dashes show where you should concentrate your eyes, if you have lost concentration in the confusion of battle. In reality, these segments allow you to more accurately take a goal, but in our game this function took over the circle of convergence, and crosshairs just allow you to concentrate better on the target and not get lost, for example, when you need to aim at an enemy under heavy fire.

The center of the circle of information - the center of the large circle of information is nothing more than the usual circle of information (to which you are used to the standard sight). It is framed by a large and static in terms of the range of information, which, thanks to the crosshair and light blue edging, helps to be better aimed at the target.

The stock of shells selected for this moment shows how many shells of this type are currently available. 31 is the number of shells (pieces), which corresponds to the value of the stock of armor-piercing shells at the bottom of the screen. Note that when switching to another type of projectiles or their consumption, this indicator will change accordingly.

The value of the safety margin - so that you, in the tense moments of the battle, are not distracted by tracking how much HP the tank has left, this indicator is brought to the lower area of ​​the aiming sector. The numbers are small, but clearly visible, which is not distracting and allows you to clearly see how much HP is left in your tank without leaving the sniper shooting mode.

Average reload time - shows how long it takes to reload the gun on average. For example, this is 8.02 seconds, note that each gun has different reload time.

Remaining time to full reload - shows how much is left before reloading the gun. This process is accompanied by the filling of the reload indicator (under the sketch of the projectile), and the process emphasizes the change of the corresponding color gamut of the indicator.

Arcade sight

An arcade sight can be called very simple and at the same time sufficiently informative - in general, what many players need - so that when a tank moves or is trite waiting in an arcade sight mode, the screen is not overloaded with unnecessary information.

Arcade scope "Achilles" for World of Tanks

Average reload time - shows how long it takes an average to reload a given weapon (seconds).

Charging status of the gun - shows the charging state of the tank gun, when fully charged, the inscription "Ready" appears.

Circle of information - the usual circle of information, only with more saturated colors. In arcade mode, we see only such a circle of information, and the pickup sector (and the crosshair) is missing.

Charging indicator - shows at what stage of charging is a weapon.

Total safety margin - shows the numerical value of the safety margin, which corresponds to that on the damage panel.

The number of selected shells - shows how much is left at the moment of shells of the type that is currently selected. If you have chosen armor-piercing, the value will be shown, which corresponds to their stock on the equipment panel, if high-explosive fragmentation is chosen, another value will be shown.


The sniper arcade sight "Achilles" refers to the type of well-balanced, that is, it is at the same time rich in various colorful interface elements, but at the same time it is not overloaded with unnecessary elements, bright colors and large amounts of information. So you can recommend it to a sufficiently large circle of people, but on the condition that you are ready to spend a little time adapting and studying the features of the interface, until you master it fully, then your shooting efficiency will go uphill.


Copy the mods folder to the World of Tanks folder.

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