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Green sight "Destroyer" for World of Tanks sight "Destroyer" for World of Tanks


The sight presented to your attention this time is another work of the popular mod author Andre_V. In fact, the “Destroyer” green sight for World of Tanks is a new format of sights from the Strike series. This scope is made in the usual World of tanks players in light green, pleasant looking colors, and its font is perfectly readable and perfectly complements the scope in terms of design. Therefore, even in people with poor eyesight, this sight is unlikely to cause any problems. At the same time, the sight is not too overloaded with unnecessary information and only the most important thing is displayed on the screen - the reloading time of your armored vehicle, the number of remaining strength points, the number of shells in the drum and the zoom ratio. Therefore, the sight, although not minimalistic and uses fairly large fonts, still leaves a large amount of free space on the screen, without restricting your view in combat.

In addition, this scope is different and the ability to customize the central marker for yourself in the tab with the settings of the sight in the game, which allows you to adjust it for yourself.


Arcade sight "Destroyer" for World of TanksArcade sight "Destroyer" for World of Tanks

Sniper Scope "Destroyer" for World of TanksSniper Scope "Destroyer" for World of Tanks


  1. Install fonts;
  2. Copy the mods folder to the World of Tanks folder.
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