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Raspberry Sight for World of Tanks


The scope presented to your attention is a modified one of the most popular sights, made this time in raspberry tones. As well as the original, this scope is very informative and at the same time not too bulky. Unlike many bright sights, its color is not too acidic and not overly childish, while it is perfectly readable on any textures and maps. It is made in two versions - arcade and sniper. Among the functional elements of the sight, an indicator of the tank's strength and reload status, reload time, as well as the number of shells in the drum and ammunition should be noted.

If you are bored with boring sights in the usual strict colors - a raspberry sight for WOT will perfectly refresh your sensations from the game and add you bright emotions from fights!

At the moment, the "Raspberry Sight" for World of Tanks is tested for performance in the current version of the client Installing this modification is as simple as possible, as well as other WOT sights - just download the archive, unzip it and copy the mods folder to the game client’s folder, confirming the replacement of files if necessary, if requests arise.


Raspberry Sight for World of TanksRaspberry Sight for World of Tanks

Raspberry Sight for World of TanksRaspberry Sight for World of Tanks


  1. Install fonts;
  2. Copy the mods folder to the World of Tanks folder.
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