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Sights "MORIARTY" for World of Tanks "MORIARTY" for World of Tanks


Scopes are definitely one of those mod categories for World of Tanks that are unlikely to ever get boring. After all, hundreds of scopes have already been created and mod developers still have new ideas and new designs for new modifications.

The modification presented this time to your attention is to some extent unusual and original sights for WOT, created primarily for the famous tank streamer M_O_R_I_A_R_T_Y. However, now this modification is publicly available for any World of Tanks player who wants to use it. In these scopes, the indicators were quite peculiar and conveniently placed. Indicators of the tank's durability and the state of reloading of the gun are depicted as filling stripes in a circle, so that they are clearly visible, but at the same time unobtrusive. And of course, there is an indicator of the armor penetration of the projectile, depending on the type of ammunition selected.

The player has a choice of 3 sight colors - green, light green and white. The modification includes not only arcade, but also sniper and artillery sight, in the form of modified and improved sights from Wargaming.


Sights "MORIARTY" for World of TanksSights "MORIARTY" for World of Tanks

Sights "MORIARTY" for World of TanksSights "MORIARTY" for World of Tanks



Copy the mods folder to the World of Tanks folder.

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