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Artillery sight "Arti (ST)" for WOT sight "Arti (ST)" for WOT


At this time, we will pay attention to a special type of sights - specially designed modifications for SPGs. To this type of mods belongs Artillery sight "Arti (ST)" for WOT

Artillery sight "Arti (ST)" for WOT

Artillery sights stand out among all sights that are used as modified, and these modifications are preferred by artillery fans, as they mostly play on SPGs. On the one hand, they have a need for high-quality and detailed SPG sight, on the other hand, on the sniper scope (for tanks), they have enough of what is installed by default. In this case, special SPG sights come to the rescue.

Exactly what is needed

Immediately it is worth noting that SPG sights are not always successful - some authors in pursuit of originality try too hard, which results in imbalances - they either oversaturate the sight with functional innovations, or in pursuit of originality, make the graphic aspect too florid and complex. It follows that the scope should be made both beautiful and functional, but at the same time it should not be excessively beautiful, that is, there should be as much content as you need and nothing more.

Beautiful, moderate and informative

In principle, this set of preferences acts as a litmus test for choosing the optimal SPG sight, since such a set of rules is fundamental.

From the point of view of the picture, the sight must be clear, with an optimally chosen color gamut and contrast, so that too bright colors do not tire, or too gloomy do not drive the player into anguish. Also, all the inscriptions and indicators should be clearly visible, since in battle we do not always have time to look closely, everything must be clear, simple and understandable.

In terms of information content, the measure must also be respected - information should be enough, but only within the framework of a reasonable one, so that the player does not get lost in the wilds of information trinkets.

So that you more clearly understand the criteria for listening, let us list them:

  • Dynamic and digital recharge indicator;
  • HP indicator and fragmentation circle;
  • Projectile stock counter;
  • Indicators of the distance to the target and time of approach of one projectile;
  • Nickname/type of tank in sight.

In my opinion, these are the most important criteria, that is, with them the modification of SPG-sights has everything you need, all that is greater than this, such as the angle at which the weapon is now raised - just a nice addition without which your game will not suffer at all.

Artillery sight "Arti (ST)"

We listed the most important criteria for good reason and described what a good SPG sight needs and this is exactly what the Arti (ST) artillery sight looks like, which I liked - there is everything you need, and there are no unnecessary “zvisto zdezdelok” from which there is no sense, and now we turn to debriefing.

Artillery sight "Arti (ST)" for World of Tanks

Dynamic and digital recharge indicator - these values show how much time you need to recharge and how much is left before charging, if you shot a little earlier.

The HP indicator - an indicator that shows how much HP is or is left at the tank at the moment, allows you not to be distracted by the damage panel.

The circle of scattering of splinters - the area around the center of the sight, which differs slightly in tonality, helps to understand what the radius of destruction by splinters is and to correct the guidance to the desired point.

The projectile stock counter - like the HP indicator duplicates the capabilities of the damage panel, and in this case the icon bar;

Indicators of the distance to the goal - shows how many meters to your opponent left, helps to make sure advance, and for those who are too lazy to figure out in their mind, there is the following %.

Approach time of one projectile - shows how many seconds the projectile will fly to the selected target, which allows you to make preemption (especially effectively against slow targets).

Nickname and type of tank in the sight - I would put this item to the least useful, but for those who do not know what kind of tank he sees in the SPG-sight mode - it will do. In any case, you will be able to roughly understand what kind of armor this rival has and what potential damage it may suffer.

The sight for gunners "Arti (ST)" for WOT - is an example of balance, moderation, coupled with a fairly high degree of clarity, graphic performance and the availability of the necessary tools. So you can attribute it to sights for SPG, which will appeal even to those who do not like to use modified sights at all.


  1. Install fonts;
  2. Folder mods placed in the folder World of Tanks.
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