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Sight "Eagle" for World of Tanks "Eagle" for World of Tanks


In this article, we will look at Sight "Eagle" for World of Tanks, which differs from the rest with a good design and a fairly informative interface.

Arcade sight "Eagle"

Arcade sight "Eagle" for WOT

The center of sight with the indicator of recharge and stock HP - the authors of the sight decided to focus on the center of the main indicators, which are most important in combat. That is why the recharge indicator is in the left half of the semicircle, and the safety margin is in the right. In my opinion, not everyone will be comfortable with such an arrangement, in general - you will have to get used to it. Again, the margin of safety is most convenient to look at the indicator below (in the form of a strip with squares), as well as the recharge process is more obvious there, only on the charge indicator in the form of a strip with rectangles (left). However, if you are one of those who in the process of shooting narrows the field of view to a minimum (especially in the sniper mode), then it will be convenient for you anyway.

The recharge indicator is the most visible and convenient element, both in the scope itself and in comparison with a huge number of other modified sights. The thing is that it is not only successfully divided into rectangles, which allows you to accurately estimate how much is left until full charge, but everything is accompanied by color indication. That is, red - only the recharge is started, orange - between the beginning and the middle, yellow - in the middle of charging, light green - almost charged, green - fully charged.

Recharge sensor - for those who are accustomed to digital indicators, it will be more convenient to track how much is left before charging the instrument, based on data from a digital sensor. Personally, I, as an old-timer of the game, are the most acceptable.

Strength indicator - according to the specifics of the action, it is very similar to the above described similar recharge indicator, the only difference is that it is less dynamic. This is reflected in the fact that the HP indicator is static, and as you take damage, you will see a decreasing number of squares with a corresponding change in the color of the indicator, by analogy with the instrument charging indicator.

The stock sensor of the selected shells and strength - again, due to the fact that someone is more comfortable with graphic elements, and someone is easier to perceive digital indicators, then for these cases duplicate interface elements are provided. In this case, the figures are displayed - the stock of HP and projectiles (selected), that is, you can see exactly how much HP in the numbers you have left, and what stock of the selected type of ammunition you have.

Also pay attention to the edging around the interface elements of the sight with a crosshair in the center - this is purely a decorative function, but generally allows you to determine where the attention circle is located - it helps a lot when recording replays when you turn on a free camera and then get lost a bit in search of focus.

Sniper scope "Eagle" for WOT

We have already done the description of the arcade sight, and since there are many similarities between sniper and arcade, we will focus on the distinctive elements.

The distance to the goal and the nickname - shows how many meters are left to the goal, as well as the game name of the goal (regardless of whether it is the ally or the enemy).

The center of sight and the circle of information - the main difference that we did not mention earlier is that the circle of information has an additional element - another circle, which when narrowed on the target narrows and shrinks around the target. It helps to determine when the optimum time has come for an accurate shot and clearly demonstrates the process of targeting an enemy tank.

Approximation (zoom) - shows the multiplicity of the sight, that is, how many times the object is approached in the sight.

The stock of projectiles and HP is no different from an arcade sight and is identical for a sniper, shows how much of the selected projectiles are left at the player’s disposal and what level of strength the tank has at the moment.

Features of the "Eagle" sight

Features of the "Eagle" sight for WOT

And finally, we note a number of features of the sight:

  • The tank is on the CD and this is a drum chain, so you see both the time to fully charge the drum (below) and the time to full charge (above) - how much is left/total;
  • Above the charging indicator, a sketch of the store is shown on the 4th projectile, and as it charges, each projectile on the sketch from transparent turns into clearly visible;
  • The tank has full health, so the numbers are green and full strength is shown;
  • Gold ammunition (PBS) for AMX50B is also displayed on the icon at the bottom of the screen (18 there and here).

The “Eagle” sight (Eagle) for World of Tanks is one of the “good” ones, that is, I can recommend this sight to most players. There are no big excesses, it has all the necessary elements, and the main ones are duplicated, which makes it more convenient and versatile. In addition, this scope is beautifully decorated, but it lacks a bit of contrast, however, who will even like this approach. In any case, the main elements are visible well and will not cause complaints from the majority of players.


  1. Install fonts;
  2. Folder mods placed in the folder World of Tanks.
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