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Gun sight "Hybrid + Zoom" for WOT sight "Hybrid + Zoom" for WOT


The Gun sight "Hybrid + Zoom" for WOT presented to your attention is a whole set consisting of several components: an arcade sight, a sniper sight with an indicator of the thickness of the enemy’s armor in the area you targeted and a display of the average armor penetration of your chosen projectile, as well as a cool artillery sight with a zoom modification allowing you to bring your victim closer even more for better targeting.

This sight is one of the most balanced, as it is not overloaded with unnecessary information and at the same time very understandable and useful for novice tankers. It is always difficult for novice players to remember the penetration zones for all tanks, and this scope is intuitive and will not confuse the data and indicators unnecessary for a beginner. While the indicators of the thickness of the armor and the angle of entry of the projectile will help to understand the mechanics of the game during the battle and easy to remember the characteristics of the tanks.

The visual part of the sight is made in a strict and stylish design and a pleasant turquoise-blue hue, which is perfectly combined with any surfaces when playing both on the tank and on the artillery installation.

Also, this scope was adapted to the client version


Gun sight "Hybrid + Zoom" for WOTGun sight "Hybrid + Zoom" for WOT

Gun sight "Hybrid + Zoom" for WOTGun sight "Hybrid + Zoom" for WOT


  1. Install fonts;
  2. Folder mods placed in the folder World of Tanks.
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