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Convenient minimalistic damage panel for World of Tanks minimalistic damage panel for World of Tanks


This time, one of the most convenient minimalist damage panels for World of Tanks, if not the most minimal, is presented to your attention. The main goal of the creators of this panel was to free up the combat interface of the game as much as possible, freeing up maximum space for improving the view. Owners of laptops with a small screen size, personal computers with small monitors and of course netbooks will undoubtedly understand all the benefits of such a modification.

The space was saved primarily due to the removal of the schematic of the tank, with the display of the angles of horizontal guidance and the angle of rotation of the hull. At the same time, the icons of the vehicle modules and crew members are arranged in rows in a tile, and the speed indicators, as well as the number of hit points of the tank, are displayed as numbers in the lines below and above the panel. A very convenient and perfectly readable variant, which can also be useful to players who do not want to search for the icon of a disabled module for a long time on a large panel.

To install this modification, you need not only to copy the mods folder from the downloaded archive into the client folder of the game World of Tanks, but also to install the font that it uses into the Windows system along with the modification.


Convenient minimalistic damage panel for World of Tanks


  1. Install fonts;
  2. The mods folder is copied to the World of Tanks game folder.
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