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Panel damage Octagon Mini for World of Tanks damage Octagon Mini for World of Tanks


The authors of the minimal damage panel “Octagon Mini” presented to your attention this time are Andre_V and 2rokk - the creators of mods with considerable experience who created quite a lot of cool and high-quality modifications for World of Tanks. And the Octagon series of damage panels itself has been quite popular among players for a long time. Panel damage Octagon Mini for World of Tanks is a modification created by the same artist. And his work is difficult to overestimate - he really tried, retaining all the functionality of previous versions of the panel, but modernizing it and improving it. And the design of this panel turned out to be very unusual and distinctive, and thanks to the white text and a sufficiently contrasting background - well readable, not tiring eyes. Also in this panel were added the damage log from Gambiter, an attractive animation of the repair timer of the tank modules.

Well, for those players who do not like the new design - the classic Octagon damage panel is still available, optimized for the current version of the client and updated with every patch.

When installing this mod, however, it should be noted that for its operation you will first need to install an additional special font in the system, which comes in the archive with a modification.


Panel damage Octagon Mini for World of TanksPanel damage Octagon Mini for World of Tanks


  1. Install fonts;
  2. Folder mods copy the folder World of Tanks.
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