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Informative damage panel “Dark” for World of Tanks damage panel “Dark” for World of Tanks


Presented to your attention this time, the informative damage panel “Dark” for World of Tanks is one of the many high-quality works of the truly talented mod author Andre_V. This means that it is certainly recommended to familiarize all lovers of World of Tanks modifications! In addition, when working with this panel, they were guided by the feedback of the players. For example, it was at the request of the players that the hitpoint bar of the tank was moved to the central part of the screen, which is really very convenient! Although, of course, the panel is quite similar to the panel from Zayaz, but the graphics have been completely redesigned. The modules of the tank are placed in a circle, and the icons of the crew in a line under the tank. In this case, the substrate does not completely cover the background, but only shades the area of ​​the damage panel. And of course, the panel and the damage log were adjusted for good readability and with any settings they will not run over and overlap each other.

In addition, an additional bonus is available in the archive with a modification for fans of the Star Wars universe - a version of the same panel, but with Darth Vader's helmet as the central backing, which looks incredibly cool! And of course, a timer for repairing machine modules was added, which is not available in the standard damage panel.


Informative damage panel “Dark” for World of Tanks

Informative damage panel “Dark” for World of Tanks


  1. Install fonts;
  2. Copy the mods folder to the World of Tanks folder.
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