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Hangar change mod - base and premium for WOT change mod - base and premium for WOT


Many World of Tanks players will not argue that the new premium hangar, like the old one, is much more attractive and pleasant than its basic variation. And many players who do not pay a premium account are deprived of the opportunity to enjoy its detailed view and background, cleanliness and lighting. It was to correct this injustice that the work of modders was carried out, which present to our attention a hangar change mode - basic and premium for WOT 1.0.0. Now the appearance of your hangar and the background when choosing a tank will no longer depend on whether you bought a premium account this month.

In the archive with a modification to replace the World of Tanks base hangar with a premium one and vice versa, you can find two of its variants. One allows you to leave forever a premium hangar, regardless of the status of your account. The second one allows you to leave the hangar in its basic form, because a certain part of the players are more in love with its cluttered and worse-lit version.


Hangar change mod - base and premium for WOT

Configuration file

World of Tanks/mods/configs/ekspoint/mod_HangarSpace.json.json


Copy the mods folder to the World of Tanks folder.

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Hangar change mod - base and premium server56 kBDownload

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