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Minimaps in HD quality for World of Tanks in HD quality for World of Tanks


Surely you know that Wargaming company cares not only about the high quality graphics in the World of Tanks game, but also a high level of game optimization. That is why, despite the current level of graphics in the game, mini-maps in low resolution are still used in order not to slow down when users play with weak computers.

However, hundreds of people with expensive, modern and powerful computers that don’t load at full capacity and have enough free resources play our game. So how much not to add beauty to the combat interface? It is for such users that the modification “Minimaps in HD quality for World of Tanks” was created. It contains all the currently existing high-resolution versions of WOT cards. Due to this, possessing a sufficiently powerful hardware and setting a sufficiently large screen resolution in the settings in the game, you will probably notice an increase in the clarity of the picture. Perhaps this will not increase your effectiveness, but in any case it will bring aesthetic pleasure!

If you are interested in the HD minimap with signatures for military units, you will need to install the “Smart minimap locastan” modification.


Minimaps in HD quality for World of TanksMinimaps in HD quality for World of Tanks


Copy the mods folder to the World of Tanks folder.

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