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Disable handbrake in sniper mode on TD for World of Tanks handbrake in sniper mode on TD for World of Tanks


Aiming in the sniper mode on anti-tank turreted self-propelled guns is slightly different from the usual gameplay on tanks with the usual turret, which causes different reactions among players. For example, many players are annoyed by the activation of the handbrake in sniper mode, which blocks the rotation of the tank body when aiming and pushing the gun into extreme positions of angle rulers. This leads to the fact that to turn the enemy following the approaching tank of the enemy, you have to exit the sniper mode and return to it after the turn of the hull, and therefore lose precious moments for an effective shot.

But this problem is easily solved with the help of a modification to disable the parking brake in TD and copes with this task perfectly. Moreover, the mod to disable the handbrake on the TD (Tank destroyer) in sniper mode for World of Tanks has some more useful features. For example, it also activates horizontal stabilization for all tanks, which makes it possible to better aim and control the sight of the tank, and, if necessary, is able to turn off the angle rulers restrictions in sniper mode, which is very convenient, because by default the TD without turret has a very limited view that It is only to the detriment of effectiveness in combat.

And of course, the latest version of the modification was tested and adapted for stable operation in the game client World of Tanks


Mode Control (only in sniper mode)

  • X - on/off handbrake in sniper mode
  • Right mouse button (hold button) - allows to rotate the camera over the critical vertical angle rulers for TD


The mod functions only when the dynamic camera is on. If it is turned off, the game will freeze and a reboot will be required. It is necessary to activate the dynamic camera in the client settings.

Mod configuration file

World of Tanks/mods/configs/camAddons/noCameraLimit.json
World of Tanks/res_mods/configs/BBMods/Auxilium/noHandbrake.json


Copy the mods folder to the World of Tanks folder.

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Disable handbrake in sniper mode on TD server92 kBDownload

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