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Armor penetration indicator mod for World of Tanks penetration indicator mod for World of Tanks


As most players in the tank community know, the World of Tanks game client already has an armor penetration indicator in the sight, but it does not function accurately enough, without taking into account certain factors. Because of this, there are often cases in the stock client in battle where the indicator is highlighted in green, but as a result, you still get non-penetration. And this issue was not ignored by the creators of the mods and the “Armor penetration indicator” mod was created for World of Tanks

Two options for the indicator are currently available for the player’s choice - both take into account the given armor, but only one displays specific numbers if they interest you. If, when using the indicator without numbers, you almost do not notice the difference at first glance (it will only replace the standard crosshair and calculate the indicator color differently), then when using the option with numbers, you will have the opportunity to modify any sight and see the numerical value of your armor penetration reserve, dyed in a specific color.

In the latest version of the modification, adaptation was also made for functioning in the current version of the World of Tanks game client, as well as a variant of the design of the Makct mod was added.


Armor penetration indicator mod for World of TanksArmor penetration indicator mod for World of Tanks


Copy the mods folder to the World of Tanks folder.

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