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Mod "Lost Time" - improved statistics for WOT "Lost Time" - improved statistics for WOT


Statistics agitated World of Tanks players from the very beginning of the game’s existence and it still excites many people until now, presenting a challenge to the player’s skills and a matter of pride for those lucky with the indicators. Therefore, so many services and mods are created to work with statistics of players, its comparison, analysis, scheduling success and help in choosing the best way to improve it.

Mod "Lost Time" - improved statistics for WOT is an advanced game statistics World of Tanks and in some ways even more convenient and extensive than the well-known after battle statistics from the integrated mod P-mod. The main feature of this mod is the ability to create an unlimited number of statistics windows with many macros.

He will provide you with complete statistics on credits, experience and damage, statistics on the time spent on the game, as well as bonuses received from personal reserves, as well as a graph of the impact of this combat session on the overall statistics of the account. Player performance statistics can be displayed in the format of any of the eight currently active ratings.

Moreover, this mod displays not only a general summary of the statistics for the session, but can also keep statistics on the tanks and on the played cards.

The player has the ability to fine-tune everything, choose the types of battles, the statistics for which will be taken into account, and the number of statistics windows used. By default, there are five basic configuration options in the modification, but the capabilities of the Lost Time mod are so extensive that, if you wish, you can create your own settings profile that meets your requirements.


Mod "Lost Time" - improved statistics for WOTMod "Lost Time" - improved statistics for WOT

Mod settings

In the settings file, you can change the current config according to your preferences or switch it to a new one. The settings file has a path:


In order to change the basic version of the config it is necessary to comment out the lines responsible for its work. Find the lines you need and put a "//" in front of them.

// Default color substitution macros
// ${"Default/Colors.json"},

// Default skin (with detailed comments)
// ${"Default/TimeSpent_Default.json"}

// Minimalistic skin
// ${"Default/TimeSpent_Minimalistic.json"}

After you perform the next step, uncommenting the desired option (for example, the config from NooBooL).

// Config and skin from NooBooL


Run the installer and follow the prompts.

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