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Mod "Screw": quick module repairs and crew treatment for WOT "Screw": quick module repairs and crew treatment for WOT


One of the main skills affecting your performance in combat is the skill to quickly repair downed caterpillars and extinguish a fire, and it is always useful to repair an embattled piece before it is blown up by the next projectile. The basic capabilities of the game do not always achieve the maximum speed of repair. This is especially noticeable if you have not played for a long time, or you are not at all an advanced computer user and it is difficult for you to get blindly using the right keys. It is for the maximum acceleration of repair, treatment and extinguishing fires and created Mod "Screw": quick module repairs and crew treatment for WOT, significantly increasing your chances of survival in battle.

At the moment, the mod "Screw" implemented the following functions:

  • Quick repair of downed tracks by pressing "left Alt". It works accordingly only when the track is knocked down; you can edit it at your discretion in the settings;
  • Quick repair, treatment, fire extinguishing by pressing the "Space" key. Also changes in settings as desired;
  • Automatic transfer of equipment from one tank to another (stereo tube, camouflage net, tool box);
  • Creating rules and priorities for each class of equipment;
  • Crew treatment and repair of damaged modules based on customized priorities.

Basic logical priorities for the rapid repair of modules and the treatment of crew members are set by default for each class of equipment.

Basic default settings

Mod "Screw": quick module repairs and crew treatment for WOT

Instructions for setting up a mod

Any player can change the settings of the “Screw” mod according to their preferences.

  1. Open the settings file with a text editor: World of Tanks/mods/configs/repair_extended/repair_extended.json;
  2. All items in the settings file have clear comments. Read them carefully and set the desired settings;
  3. After making changes to the file, save it and restart the game.


Copy the mods folder to the World of Tanks folder.

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