Programs for World of Tanks

Over the long years of World of Tanks, in addition to the many in-game modifications for the client, a considerable amount of third-party software created by teams of game programmers has gathered. The possibilities of this software are also huge and diverse - from managing, sorting and viewing replays to creating your own radial menus, generating original game nicknames and changing the game interface language, and even installing graphic elements from World of Tanks as the cursor design theme. Windows And of course, where without customizing and optimizing graphics is the well-known Wot Tweaker Plus and other programs created for this purpose. Using these utilities, it is possible to fine-tune the client, edit the characteristics of graphics that are inaccessible through the in-game settings, compress the textures and turn off the extra special effects that cause the number of frames per second to sag and even twist the sharpness and richness of the image.

The best representatives of this kind of software can be found in this section.

WOT Tweaker Plus for World of Tanks [Download]
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World of Tanks Portable Client [RUS]
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