Screensavers for World of Tanks

The World of Tanks client, open for modification, currently allows modifying a number of interface elements in the game - from damage panels and icons to the design of the hangar, tank carousels and loading screens and login. Boot screens with login and password fields and boot screens of the battle modify less frequently than hangars or in-game icons, but this category of modifications also has its audience. Customized loading screens are mostly purely aesthetic purpose, in order to please the eye at the time of loading the battle and to cheer up when you enter the game or change the server. The use of such screensavers can turn the strict design of the game into a lighter, more vivid and positive, and, accordingly, replacing the attitude to the game session.

This section provides links to the available and current designs of boot screens - from patriotic and simply beautiful artworks to tank and military themes, replacing the strict black entry screen from Wargaming to the girls who adore the men's eyes surrounding the list of teams, input fields and the logo of the game. Making changes is not difficult - just download and unzip the archive into the game client folder specified in the instructions.

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