Skins (hit zones) for World of Tanks

Among the most useful for the effectiveness of the player in mod combat, skins for tanks with hit zones rightfully occupy their place. It's no secret that in the game World of Tanks, the creators try not to forget about the historicity and for each machine, in addition to external modules such as tracks, for example, there are also zones for the internal modules and crew members in accordance with how they were located in the original combat vehicle. And of course, in order not only to inflict damage, but also to reduce the effectiveness of the enemy in battle, it makes sense to target the gunner, the driver, the engine zone and tanks to set fire to a tank or ammunition, and then tear off the tower. But when you constantly play at different levels of technology, with different setups of opponents, and you don’t forget about real life either, you’re unlikely to keep in your head the location of all modules and crew members for all tanks, the number of which in the game has long exceeded one hundred.

Thanks to the skins for tanks with hit zones and the location of modules, it is much more efficient and easier to play in a sniper scope to target certain vulnerable hit zones. And do not think that fashion data - the lot of newbies. They will be equally useful for both skillful players and beginners, especially when you consider how often new branches of research and premium cars with new module locations and reservations appear in the game.

Skins hit zones Esteta (Sergey Emets) for WOT
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Contour skins hit zones "Korean Random" for WOT
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Colored skins hit zones for World of Tanks
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