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Voice pack "Portal 2" for WOT pack "Portal 2" for WOT


Why not find among the alternative voice for the crew of World of Tanks. The community of fans of this game and modders involved in assembling interesting packs of sounds is so large that almost no famous movie or game was forgotten and was disassembled into cues and sounds, one way or another suitable for inside game events in battle.

The Voice pack "Portal 2" for WOT, which will be discussed at this time, will surely interest Portal 2 fans. This is a very high-quality sound pack, selected and sliced ​​with love. It is ideal for people who really want to radically update the sound picture in battle. This set feels attention to detail and quality, and it differs from the hackwork cuts of sounds that can sometimes be found on the Internet. The author tried to pick up phrases of medium length, so this alternative voice fits perfectly into the game and will appeal even to those players who have never tried Portal 2. Those who remember this project will surely recognize the voices of Cave Jones, Caroline caught in the computer, phrases from adventure modules and the sounds of turrets.

Also, with the latest update of the modification, it was tested for performance and adapted to the current version of the game World of Tanks.



Folder WwiseSound copy to the Data folder.

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