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Sound mod "Realism gun shots" for World of Tanks mod "Realism gun shots" for World of Tanks


Presented to your attention the sound mod "Realism gun shots" for World of Tanks created for fans of realism in everything. Thanks to it, every time you shoot from the gun of your tank or self-propelled installation, you will hear a loud sound more similar to an explosion that will be heard at a great distance - this is what it looks like in real life.

When firing from top guns, heavy tanks or self-propelled guns will be heard such a sound, as if the whole tank exploded, because it really is.

For those who like the work of Gnomefather on the voice acting of the game, we also recommend that you familiarize yourself with his other creation - Realistic sounds of tank engines for World of Tanks. Work on them was carried out simultaneously with the development of realistic sounds of guns.

In the archive with the modification, you can choose from three voice acting options:

  • for low-power PCs;
  • for medium PCs;
  • for high-performance PCs.

A similar separation was made in order to optimize the operation of the modification on computers of different capacities, avoiding unnecessary drawdowns of frames per second.



Copy the res_mods folder to the World of Tanks folder.

After installation, be sure to agree to restart the client if prompted.

Download section
DescriptionVersionPatchServerFile sizeURL
Sound mod Realism gun shots [V1] server502621 kBDownload
Sound mod Realism gun shots [V2] server32849 kBDownload
Sound mod Realism gun shots [FULL V2] server650786 kBDownload
Sound mod Realism gun shots [V3] kBDownload

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