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3D icons of tanks "Demon2597" for World of Tanks icons of tanks «Demon2597» for World of Tanks


At this time, your attention is presented to the 3D icons of tanks "Demon2597" for World of Tanks, created by the model Demon2597 for the game WOT and which has already managed to gain popularity among a variety of players. The main difference of this set of icons of tanks is the addition of the technology itself to the image.

No one will argue with the fact that well-read, bright and high-quality technology icons are important for a successful battle. They are much easier to navigate, compare the setups of teams and the more quickly analyze the possible actions of the enemy, based on the surviving machines.

If you experience problems with mirroring the icons of equipment in the command table and the ears of the interface, then there are two ways to solve this problem. If you use the XVM modification, then simply turn off the mirroring by going to its configuration file called battle.xc, if you install these icons separately - use the files to hide the mirroring that are attached to the icons in the archive with the modification.


Copy the mods folder to the World of Tanks folder.

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